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Celebrating the Fortuitous Poetry, Laudable Truisms, Merciless Snarks, & Endearing Irrelevant Prolixity in Legal Opinions.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Master Kennedy

"Sweeping and comprehensive is the change in legal status effected by this law."- Justice Yoda Kennedy delivering the opinion of the Court in Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620, 625 (1996)

In Romer v. Evans, the Court found that Amendment 2 to the Colorado Constitution, which proscribed legal protection to people who suffered discrimination due to their sexual orientation, violated the Equal Protection Clause. Here, Kennedy's laudable but disastrous attempt at poetry provides first year law students with a perfect example of the sentence structure that will earn them a D in legal writing - or an A at a Star Wars convention.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


"The only evidence we have concerning this period is the fact that petitioner married his present guardian at some time within it, an act from which in the legal sense no inference of insanity can be drawn."-Justice Rutledge delivering the opinion of the Court in Galloway v. United States, 319 U.S. 372, 385 (1943)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Invisible Boomerangs

"I still think the Tax Court is a more competent and steady influence toward a systematic body of tax law than our sporadic omnipotence in a field beset with invisible boomerangs." -Justice Jackson dissenting in Arrowsmith v. Commissioner, 344 U.S. 6, 12 (1952)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Plato's Cookies

"Plato could contrive perhaps to submit an acceptable essay on making pasta or peanut butter cookies, provided he did not point out their (necessary) imperfections."
-Justice Kennedy writing the majority opinion in Rosenberger v. Rector & Visitors of the Univ. of Va., 515 U.S. 819, 837 (U.S., 1995)


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